Expertise Matters: How to Choose the Right Accountant for Your Unique Business Situation


Nick was a man who had a lot going on. He was a member of the sandwich generation, taking care of both his small children and his old parents. He was also self-employed, so he had to file his tax return on top of all that. He was unsure how to pick the best accountant to manage his particular issue because there was so much going on.

Nick conducted some research and discovered an accountant with experience working with clients in comparable situations. He had to confirm that they were a good fit for him, though. Nick posed the following three questions to the accountant to ascertain his level of expertise:

#1 How many clients have you worked with that were in a similar situation and how did you resolve their biggest concern?

Nick had to make sure the accountant had previous experience working with clients in his situation. By having the accountant explain their biggest concern, Nick could determine how closely their situation resembled his. Asking this question helped him feel like the accountant had expertise that aligned with Nick’s circumstances.

#2 How can you guide me through the tax process?

Nick required an accountant who could guide him through the difficulties of self-employment's unique set of tax ramifications. Nick could feel more confident about the accountant’s knowledge and skills by asking this question.

#3 How can I get the most out of my deductions?

Nick was aware that he was eligible for a number of deductions. But he also understood that he had to follow the rules set down by the law. Nick could tell if the accountant was conservative or a “push-the-envelope" kind of person by asking this question. This would help Nick determine if the accountant held the same values as Nick. 

After asking these three questions, Nick was confident that he had found the right accountant to handle his tax return. With the help of his accountant, Nick was able to navigate his unique situation with ease and accuracy. He was grateful for the expertise and guidance provided by his accountant and was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that his taxes were in good hands.

In conclusion, it might be challenging to choose the right accountant. Nick was able to ascertain whether the accountant had the necessary skills and knowledge to manage his situation, though, by asking the correct questions. If you find yourself in a similar circumstance, don't be afraid to seek out an accountant who can offer the knowledge and direction you require to file your taxes correctly and quickly.

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About the Author

Lisa Sretenovic, CPA/CITP/CAAS/CGMA 

Lisa firmly believes that when businesses become more in line with their values and vision, they accelerate their impact and discover their missing velocity, resulting in a positive influence in their greater community.  

And that’s exactly what she’s been empowering entrepreneurs to do for over 3 decades! In her business as The Velocity Detective, she brings financial literacy to both the Wall Street and the Main Street and empowers CPAs to go beyond financial advising by developing proactive personal partnerships with their clients.  

She is also a speaker, author, coach, & volunteer with organizations such as SCORE, Texas Accountants & Lawyers for the Arts, and TXCPA, as well as a leader at Coach Connections.   

Lisa lives in Austin, TX with her husband, Milan.

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