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We offer guided steps to financial freedom through coaching, resources and events. Whether you're trying to get out of debt or plan a fulfilling retirement, our coaches help you figure out where to start, help you reach your goals and keep you accountable.

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What is a Financial Coach?

Consider us personal trainers for your financial health. Similar to how a personal fitness trainer works one-on-one with clients to create customized solutions that will meet their specific health needs, a financial coach helps you get from where you are to where you want to be financially. Our solutions and recommendations are unique to you.

The Accountable Network

We've been there

All our Accountable coaches have seen highs and lows in their financial path. Now that we are on the road to financial freedom, we just want to bring you along.

We focus on you

We do not sell insurance, investments or other financial products. We focus on behavior change that will help you become intentional, equip you with proven success habits, and provide accountability to follow through.

We continue to learn

Working with one coach through the Accountable network means you benefit from our shared knowledge and continuing education. We focus on being up-to-date so you can focus on your progress.

"My coach held a mirror up to show me what's been missing."

"It is so helpful to have an outside person to help prioritize and offer suggestions and areas of improvement."

"Coaching truly helped our financial situation and marriage. I was terrified to discuss money with someone but it was very helpful. More people should let the fear go and allow someone to coach them."

"It was refreshing to work with a coach that had experienced many of the same things I'm facing, I knew they could guide me, because they understood me."

Meet our Coaches

Each Accountable coach has a unique story and a different area of expertise. This allows them to better serve your unique situation.

Maria Hewitt

I help women, and families take control of their income, to reach their financial goals.

Coaching with Maria

Dawnette Palmore

I help small business owners change their lives and businesses, showing them simple, practical tools to gain control of their cash flow so they can become successful at work and home.

Coaching with Dawnette

Scott Maderer

I help men live out their God given calling by learning to steward their time, talent, and treasures.

Coaching with Scott

Jeremy Fulton

Military Expert.  As a military veteran I've learned what it takes to not only survive, but thrive in the unique environment military families live in. Lets pilot your ship together.  Check out my Pre-Deployment Financial Survival Checklist.

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Kim Heimbach

I provide singles, couples and business owners the tools and methods to manage their budgets, beat debt and build wealth. Check out my free guide 7 Steps To Better Decisions.  

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Bob O'Connor

I walk alongside individuals and couples with good incomes who want to maximize the use of their financial resources to realize their dreams.

Coaching with Bob

Ben Watson, CPA

Small Business Coach.  How awesome would it be to have a financial professional actually teach you the skills to win with money? With a background in teaching and the financial knowledge as a CPA, I guide you to be master of your life and make money an ally. Check out my 6 Typical Business Startup Mistakes.

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Garrett Philbin

I help women develop the confidence to overcome their financial fears and take control of their lives.

Coaching with Garrett

Julie Brown

Coming Soon!

Coaching with Julie

Dwayne Samples

CPA and Small Business Expert.

Coaching with Dwayne

Kayla Leoni

I provide women with simple tools and accountability to change their relationship with money in order to lead a stress-free life where they do not feel controlled by money and can live the life they dream.

Coaching with Kayla

David Jacobson

Wealth Building Specialist.  High income earners often find themselves stuck when it comes to actually building wealth.  Learn the key components to make the most of your income and build true wealth.

Coaching with David

Jim White

Small Business Financial Coach.

Coaching with Jim

Lamar Mayton

Life Change Expert.  If you are one of those stressed people who are looking to make a massive change in their lives, tired of living paycheck to paycheck, you want to give your family the best future possible, worrying about buying your dream home, or looking to take control of your finances, yes, I can provide you help.

Take the Life Changes Quiz and find out where you need to be better prepared.

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Latrisa Pugh

Coming Soon!

Coaching with Latrisa

Penny Kidd

Coming Soon!

Coaching with Penny

Becky Johnson

I help those suffering from fibromyalgia or mental health issues find peace and contentment with finances by creating a money system that works for them.

Coaching with Becky

Carl Lander

I help federal employees unravel their complex retirement benefits and provide guided steps to financial freedom

Coaching with Carl

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