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We offer guided steps to financial freedom through coaching, resources and events. Whether you're trying to get out of debt or plan a fulfilling retirement, our coaches help you figure out where to start, help you reach your goals and keep you accountable.

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What is a Financial Coach?

Consider us personal trainers for your financial health. Similar to how a personal fitness trainer works one-on-one with clients to create customized solutions that will meet their specific health needs, a financial coach helps you get from where you are to where you want to be financially. Our solutions and recommendations are unique to you.

The Accountable Network

We've been there

All our Accountable coaches have seen highs and lows in their financial path. Now that we are on the road to financial freedom, we just want to bring you along.

We focus on you

We do not sell insurance, investments or other financial products. We focus on behavior change that will help you become intentional, equip you with proven success habits, and provide accountability to follow through.

We continue to learn

Working with one coach through the Accountable network means you benefit from our shared knowledge and continuing education. We focus on being up-to-date so you can focus on your progress.

"My coach held a mirror up to show me what's been missing."

"it is so helpful to have an outside person to help prioritize and offer suggestions and areas of improvement."

"Coaching truly helped our financial situation and marriage. I was terrified to discuss money with someone but it was very helpful. More people should let the fear go and allow someone to coach them."

"It was life changing!"

Meet our Coaches

Each of our coaches at Accountable has a unique story and a different area of expertise.

Maria Hewitt

Together we will eliminate your financial crises by making a detailed monthly cash flow plan. You will see the exact date you can expect to be debt free! I can help with bankruptcy recovery and dealing with creditors. Learn about FICO scores, retirement, and investing for long term needs.

Coaching with Maria

Dawnette Palmore

Changing lives by helping small businesses, couples and individuals to gain control of their money by showing them how to plan and budget not only for the necessities in life but also for the things they enjoy doing and having. I can help you get your life and work in balance so that you are able to be successful both at home and work life.

Coaching with Dawnette

Dave Jacobson

Saving, budgeting, giving, and having a plan are simple concepts, but hard to implement on your own! I provide the resources, information and encouragement you need to win with money. Specialties: Corporate Financial Wellness, Personal Financial Coaching, Financial Coach Training, Workshops, Speaking, Webinars, and Online Education

Coaching with Dave

Jeremy Fulton

Navigating the seas of personal finance can be tough. Sometimes all you need is a slight course correction for efficiency. Other times the stormy seas are better navigated with a second hand at the helm, one who's traversed the same seas. As a military veteran I've learned what it takes to not only survive, but thrive in the unique environment military families live in. Lets pilot your ship together.  Check out my Pre-Deployment Financial Survival Checklist.

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Kim Heimbach

I never get tired of helping people find that they can have a peace in their life related to their finances and be able to focus on the things that are important to them. It is truly rewarding to see the joy this brings to my clients when they understand they can deal with the financial issues they face and be truly free of them with time. It is my goal to guide as many people as I possibly can through the process we teach so they can change their lives for the better.

Coaching with Kim

Bob O'Connor

I’m known for asking my clients about their hopes and dreams. I’ve realized that dreams almost always have a financial component, and my favorite thing to do is coach individuals and couples, helping them to handle their money wisely so they can realize their dreams.

Coaching with Bob

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