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Wealth and happiness is more than money, it comprises work-life balance, peace in finances, healthy relationships, spirituality, and physical health.

The Accountable Network was formed by Coach Connections, LLC in 2009 to allow people hungry for growth in their personal finances a way to get matched with a qualified coach that was a fit for their unique situation.

Coach Connections, LLC provides financial coaches a step by step process to become confident, competent and profitable.  Coaches go through a six month process to learn our proprietary coaching system and tap into our proven best practices.  Because of the depth and breadth of our system, it takes the average coach a minimum of a year to qualify for listing on the Accountable Network.  In order to be listed on Accountable Network, coaches are required to participate in ongoing education.

Because each coach is encouraged to enhance our proven Guided Steps to Financial Freedom process by choosing a specialty (single moms, newlyweds, adulting, wealth building, small business owners, mental health, etc.) they acquire a unique set of skills that allow them to guide clients to an even greater transformation.  Members meeting our standards are then showcased through the Accountable Network where clients can use the Coach Match process to find a coach that understands their unique situation and can move forward knowing their coach ‘get’s’ them.

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How We're Different

We realize how you work with money is as unique as your financial situation and goals.  Instead of funneling you into a black & white set of steps or guidelines, we customize coaching to you.  You define wealth and happiness (Refocus), the coach injects tools and accountability to help you follow through (Gain Control), then you create a long-term plan for success (Set a Plan).

Your coach didn't just complete a course or get a piece of paper that says they are certified, Accountable Network coaches are required to be ongoing members of Coach Connections, LLC giving them access to the latest best practices and also unlimited access to seasoned experts.  While no single coach can be an expert in everything, if they do get stuck, they can reach out to the mastermind which gives the coach an endless resource of knowledge and expertise to help them navigate anything you can throw at them.

We don't want clients to just survive, we want them to thrive.  Using our proprietary tools and resources, clients move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic coaching that results in sustainable growth.  

We don't sell insurance, investments or any other products, nor do we make a commission on any referrals we may provide.  This creates an unbiased coach focused on your needs and best interest.


What is a Financial Accountability Coach

Consider us personal trainers for your financial health. Similar to how a personal fitness trainer works one-on-one with clients to create customized solutions that will meet their specific health needs and holds them accountable.  A financial accountability coach guides you from where you are to where you want to be financially.  Our solutions are unique to you. Working with a coach, you will:

  • Be given the accountability you need to follow through on your plan
  • Find hope and contentment
  • Receive personalized resources and tips
  • Improve your relationships

Discover more about the transformative role of a financial accountability coach in our blog: What is a Financial Accountability Coach

Founder - Dave Jacobson

Dave Jacobson is a nationally recognized personal finance expert and the founder of Coach Connections, LLC, an organization that trains and mentors financial accountability coaches. Since 2008, he has passionately educated people on how money works, why people make the decisions they do regarding money, and how money can be a tool to impact happiness.

Dave and his wife successfully eliminated debt and built financial wealth by implementing the knowledge he gained through research. This newfound financial stability not only improved their relationship but also led to a new sense of peace and contentment.

Recognizing the need for better coaching services, he founded Accountable Network, which helps clients connect with the right coach for them. The coaches in the network approach coaching on a case-by-case basis, adapting their methods to fit each individual's unique situation. Accountability is a core component of their coaching, which is why the network is named Accountable Network.

In addition to his work with coaches and clients, Dave has also created a video game to engage teenagers in personal finance education. He believes that it is important to learn about personal finance early in life and hopes that the video game will be a fun and entertaining way for teenagers to learn about financial habits and behaviors.

What sets Dave apart is his commitment to continuous improvement and connection. He founded the Millionaire Roundtable, a group dedicated to sharing their knowledge on the core habits, mindset and behaviors to build wealth and create happiness.

With over 2,500 clients and counting, Dave Jacobson has helped people from all walks of life achieve financial milestones and, more importantly, find hope and peace in their lives. He created the 15 Minute Spending Plan, a system that allows clients to invest just 15 minutes a month in evaluating, updating, and creating an intentional plan for their finances. The goal is to help clients focus on follow-through and not constantly worry about or think about money.

Dave is a leader in the personal finance coaching industry, constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate. Whether you are just starting your journey to financial freedom or looking to take your wealth-building to the next level, Dave and his team at Accountable Network are here to help you achieve your goals.

Dave and his wife have been happily married for 25+ years and are proud parents of two thriving adult children. They share their home with two dogs who keep them entertained and provide endless joy.







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