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So is your organization

Unlock your team’s true potential at work and in life, with Accountable’s Organizational Financial Wellness Program


3 out of 4 American workers experience major financial stress*

*Source: Sofi At Work

We know that you’re trying to support your team.


But the truth is that a paycheck alone doesn’t guarantee workers financial stability in this time and age.


And like it or not, your team is looking to you to close the gap.


of Americans who are employed/have an employed spouse believe employers have a responsibility to help employees improve their financial well-being

Source: 2022 Purchasing Power Harris Poll Survey Report


Financially stressed employees are twice as likely to look for a new job

Source: 2022 PwC employee financial wellness survey


of financially stressed employees are attracted to another company that cares more about their financial health

Source: 2022 PwC employee financial wellness survey

Implementing a financial wellness program is a great way to show your team that you care.


…and it can help you be seen as an employer of choice


Financial wellness programs help your employees (and your organization) by:

  • Leading your team towards tools that are customized for their unique circumstances
  • Offering your employees ongoing support, individualized guidance, and financial education that syncs with your organization's mission and goals
  • Keeping your workforce accountable as they do the work needed to build the life of their dreams

…and so much more.

But implementing and running a high-quality financial wellness program by yourself (or with the help of your already struggling employees) can be a tall order, especially when you’re already doing everything else required to run a successful business.

That’s where we come in.

Let Accountable
do the heavy lifting for you

Accountable: guided steps to financial freedom

Serving Since 2009

We’ve got the experience to launch and maintain an integrated Financial Wellness program that can help you empower your workforce for good.

Accountable’s customizable financial wellness programs can reduce your employees’ financial stress and guide them towards lasting financial security, so you can improve your team’s productivity and increase your organization’s bottom line.

And for your company, that means lower rates of attrition, improved team performance, and taking a big leap to becoming an employer of choice in your industry.

Which is why we don’t believe in solving specific problems with cookie-cutter solutions.

Our Financial Wellness Programs are completely customizable so that you can offer your team a benefit that will truly serve them, and improve your organization’s working culture.

In order to make sure we’re meeting your team where they’re at, we offer a free, private design consultation that is designed to help us learn more about your company – so we can work with you to create a program that is tailored to your organizational needs, budget, and schedule. Let’s connect to determine what makes most sense for your business through a no-obligation design consultation!

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We put your employees first

We are
not product-focused

Our people-focused approach to financial coaching focuses on education, mindset, behavior, and habits, instead of selling insurance, investments, or other financial products.

We don’t tell employees what to do with their money. And we don’t earn any commissions from the financial decisions they make for themselves. Our sole focus is to coach your team out of survival mode and into the life of their dreams, by offering guidance, support, and accountability every step of the way!

We are jargon
(and judgment) free

Learning how to manage your finances as an adult can be an extremely frightening, confusing, and uncomfortable journey, especially since most people don’t receive the right financial guidance growing up.

Our programs keep things simple by breaking down complex financial concepts into simple ideas and action items. Through our guidance and resources, we aim to educate, empower and uplift your employees so they can stop beating themselves up for past mistakes, and start building a new future.

We are
real people who care

We have been through the sleepless nights, the inability to focus, and the frustration and the helplessness that comes from feeling stuck in your financial journey.

Which is why we know that your team needs more than a 10-page handout to gain control of their financial narrative. They need real people who understand their struggles, have the experience to guide them towards transformation and keep them accountable on the way to success. And that’s exactly what our coaches are here to do.

customized financial wellness programs

Accountable Coach Meg Knapper’s Story:

My first “official” paycheck was when I was 24 years old. Why? I grew up in a family-owned business so I understand the demands on time and energy to run a business. The people who worked for my parents were part of our family and my parents strove hard to provide not only a safe work environment with fair salaries but looked for ways to show these people they were important, not only to the success of the business but as individuals.

Since working outside the family business I have experienced being “just” an employee, a very small cog on a very large wheel. I have felt invisible and undervalued. Having experienced both, I want to help other small business owners with the opportunity to have their employees know their worth. Let us help you create a win-win for your business.


Whether it’s chronic absenteeism, issues with focus or significant drops in productivity

Accountable financial wellness programs will help your team and your organization undergo a true transformation

Our impact speaks for itself


of our clients have proactive, intentional spending plans within 2 months


report peace within 30 days


report stronger relationships

We are the
Accountable Network

Since 2009 we've been serving organizations and their people.

You will benefit from the in-depth training, collaborative culture, proprietary tools, and vast skill-set of the best financial coaches in the world.

Through Accountable, we have specialized knowledge and expertise to help you navigate anything required for your wellness program.

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Hi, I’m Dave!

I’m a financial coach and national speaker, and since 2009, I’ve helped thousands of families transform their relationships with money and build lasting happiness through my proprietary coaching system. I’m also the founder of Accountable’s parent organization, the nationally recognized mastermind group, Coach Connections, LLC.

I founded the Accountable Network to bring together a group of expert coaches whose life experiences and financial expertise would help them understand and empathize with their clients’ unique situations and guide them on their financial journey.

Our coaches have been through the same peaks and valleys as you, they’ve risen from their financial hardships, and are now committed to helping you do the same.

Every Accountable-certified coach goes through rigorous training and continuing education to learn our proprietary coaching system and develop a unique skill set based on their chosen specialization.

As of today, our coaches specialize in 50+ niches and have over 550 years of combined coaching experience.

We’ve helped clients reduce a combined total of $147.18M in debt, see an average of $600 cash flow improvements within 2 months of coaching and open their hearts to abundance.

But more importantly, these waves of financial change have resulted in stronger marriages and more fulfilling personal lives.

In fact, 90% of our clients report a feeling of “peace” and a weight lifted off their chest within the first 30 days of coaching!

And now we want to help your employees get the same results!

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Take care of your team with these included resources

Customized presentations

tailored to your specific organizational needs that will engage your employees and keep them motivated on this new financial journey

(These could include large group workshops, followed by small group coaching, and 1-on-1 coaching)

Flexible scheduling

that fits your schedule (so you never have to worry about your team being double-booked)


from one or more trained, experienced, and Accountable accredited financial coaches who will:

  • Work with you and your team to determine your vision for a successful financial wellness program
  • Build a customized program based on your requirements, budget and schedule
  • Deliver the interactive workshops to your employees in the spirit of positivity, understanding, and encouragement
  • Provide feedback based on surveys of participants before and after the program

Our Programs

One on one coaching

1:1 Coaching

Most cookie-cutter financial planning programs fail to make a lasting difference to their client's lives because they don’t understand, evaluate, or heal their client’s unique relationship with money.

That’s where Accountable coaches are different.

Through our proprietary Coach-Match process, we’ll connect your team members with an Accountable-accredited coach whose values, motivators, and personality aligns with theirs, so they feel seen, heard, and understood.

Group Coaching

Money stress can be hard to overcome. Especially if your employees have to work through it all by themselves.

But what if they didn’t have to do it all alone?

What if they could share their financial journey with a community of individuals on the same journey as them, who understand exactly where they’re coming from, and support their dreams and transformations?

Participants of the Group Coaching Program will get access to:

  • Live virtual group coaching sessions where you’ll deep-dive into special focus areas every month
  • Teaching videos and handouts to help you prepare for the live session
  • An assigned Accountable coordinator and coach you can reach out to for support anytime
  • Supervised virtual work times while you get your homework done
  • Access to an online support community

Online Courses Like ...

Assistant Financial Coach

40+ videos, expert-built guides and wealth-building resources designed to help your team

15-Minute Spending Plan

Being intentional with where you put your money is the first and most important step towards financial growth.

Navigating Credit

Follow a step-by-step process to review, recover and improve stressful credit situations

Social and Professional Networking

Help your team learn how to maximize their networks and gain valuable connections to grow their client base

... and more!

Live and Online Workshops Like ...

Creating A Passionate Why

This workshop was created to get to the heart of what wealth means to each one of your employees, and then show your team how to get there.

Budgeting & Planning For Emergencies

But most of us weren’t even taught how to budget wisely, plan out our expenses, and optimize our finances, especially while juggling several obligations and responsibilities as an adult. It’s time for your team to change the story!

Tackling Debt

This workshop will help your team ditch the guesswork, leave the stress behind, and take some real steps towards overcoming their debt, so they can move forward in life.

... and more!


Having financially healthy employees helps your business thrive

Benefits for your team

Learn how to create a simple, sustainable money system that works for you

Start making financial decisions with confidence

Cultivate a wealth-oriented money mindset that will move you from surviving to thriving in a life of abundance

Live for today’s experiences while sustainably saving for a healthy financial future (without a restrictive budget plan)

Take control of your finances with guides who understand your story, and customize their expertise for your financial goals and challenges

Gain peace, balance and contentment in relationships, work, life, spirituality, and health through healthy money- communication

Benefits for your business

Make your employees feel valued, and cultivate a caring workplace culture

Supercharge productivity by reducing stress

Hire, attract and retain the best talent in your industry

Improve employee satisfaction

Increase participation in 401K and retirement programs

Reduce absenteeism

Outsource a valuable benefit to contribute to your benefits package

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Guide your team to a better financial future

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