Mastering Financial Literacy

Empowering Teens and Young Adults for Lifelong Success & Happiness


Money Mavericks Will Guide You

  • Discover How to Influence Your Happiness
  • Navigate 66 Real-World Scenarios
  • Master the Art of Informed Decision-Making
  • Equip Yourself for Unexpected Situations
  • Balance Life's Priorities
  • Unleash the Power of Compound Interest
  • Make Choices Aligned with Your Core Values

Money Mavericks: Empowering Financial Futures

Are you ready to be equipped with the essential financial skills you need to thrive in today's complex world?

Introducing Money Mavericks, the ultimate interactive financial literacy  video game designed to empower you with the mindset, habits and behaviors for success!


It's More Than a Game!

It's a transformative learning experience.

As Financial Accountability Coaches, we believe in preparing the next generation for not just financial success but happiness. Money Mavericks offers a comprehensive platform where teens and young adults learn vital money management skills, habits and behaviors while having fun.

Comprehensive Financial Learning

A comprehensive curriculum that covers financial topics crucial for success in the modern world. From navigating financial emergencies to making major purchases, gain practical insights that last a lifetime.

Real-Life Decision Making

Empowering you to make informed financial decisions through simulated real-world scenarios. You'll learn the impact of your choices and develop critical skills that extend beyond the virtual world.

 Interactive and Engaging

Learning through interactive experiences is proven to be more effective. Be engaged with immersive scenarios and practical challenges that make learning about money a fun and enlightening journey.

A Message From The Creator

Hey Future Money Maverick,

Ready for a game-changer? Buckle up, because this isn't your average financial journey—it's a blueprint for becoming the hero of your own wealth and happiness saga.

In 2009, I dove headfirst into the financial coaching realm, and let me tell you, the landscape was a jungle of confusion and questionable advice, gurus chanting one-size-fits-all mantras, and salespeople pushing their own agenda. Everyone seemed to be pushing something—courses, investments, insurance, loans. It left me wondering, where's the real deal?

So, I went rogue, ignoring the people that had a vested interest in their recommendations because they were trying to sell me something and went right to the source. Picture this: a room filled not with chest-puffing millionaires bragging about their success, but with fellow financial accountability coaches, quietly sharing the authentic twists and turns on their journey to the millionaire milestone. No hype, no marketing gimmicks—just a genuine quest to uncover the true habits, behaviors, and mindsets that lead not just to wealth but to happiness. The goal was to find the stuff that would have a real and lasting impact on our coaching clients so we could equip and empower them with this information.

And here's the secret sauce: there's no one path. It's a choose-your-own-adventure, and the destination? A life of prosperity and contentment. But let me be crystal clear—being a millionaire doesn't guarantee happiness. Only those who had both wealth and happiness were invited, and we've been meeting consistently since. This wasn’t a one-off meeting, it's been an ongoing journey of learning, collaboration and sharing since 2009.

Now, here's where you come in—the hero of your story. The knowledge we've gathered isn't locked away; it's woven into the fabric of the Accountable Network coaching process and systems, all designed to equip you with the resources, mindset, habits, knowledge, behaviors, and accountability for your success.

We're different. With over 20,000 clients served, we, as Financial Accountability Coaches, don't sell products—we're here to mentor and guide you to success. Why? Because success isn't just about the numbers; it's 10% head knowledge and a whopping 90% about behaviors, mindset, and habits. And that, my friend, is the key to your happiness and wealth.

Now, you get to absorb all this wisdom not through endless years of trial and error but through a guidebook and an awesome video game called Money Mavericks. It's not just about the game; it's about your success journey, your ticket to financial freedom. We’ve simplified everything, injected a fun engaging way to absorb the content and handed it to you on a silver platter.

So, what do you say, Future Money Maverick? Dive into this workbook and game like the hero you are. It's about building a future that's brighter and happier. Let’s get started!

Your guide to financial awesomeness,

David Jacobson and the Accountable Network Team

Money Mavericks: Unleash A World Of Advantages

66 Real World Applications

Learn best by doing! Picture a game with 66 real-life scenarios—your chance to choose, make mistakes, and 'practice' in a safe space. This readies you for real life Experience and learn in the game, and you'll be better prepared for life's challenges!

Goal-Oriented Mindset

Money Mavericks instills a goal-oriented mindset, teaching the value of setting and achieving financial goals. Whether saving for a dream purchase or planning a significant life event, empower yourself with the skills to make your financial aspirations a reality.

Confident Decision Making

Unlock financial confidence with Money Mavericks! Gain essential money skills to budget effectively, make wise investments, and intentionally plan for a secure future. Empower yourself with practical knowledge for lasting financial success.

Unlock a Bright Financial Future

Don't miss out on the chance to unlock a world of financial wisdom, interactive learning, and confident decision-making. By playing the Money Mavericks game, you're not just provided with an opportunity, but actively taking steps to build a strong financial foundation for a successful future!

Get Started Now and Shape Your Financial Journey!