I guide you to;

Know exactly what to tell debt collectors

Be confident in who to pay when

Finally have some cash flow

Not just pay down debt... but start living!

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You Can Beat Debt!

  • Be Empowered To Build The Life of Your Dreams
  • Simplify Debt So You Can Focus On More Important Things In Life
  • Clear Actionable Steps That Will Move You Forward
  • Get The Accountability You Need To Create Sustainable Results

Do what debt settlement companies do, but BETTER!!

Don’t pay a debt settlement company that will force all of your credit card debt into default, racking up unnecessary fees for months, sometimes even years. The Debt Triage will walk you through how to assess your own debts, negotiate the best terms possible with creditors, reducing the overall time to reach debt freedom than any bankruptcy or debt settlement program out there.

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The Debt Triage program can guide you to...

Move from Surviving to Thriving

Know Which Bills to Pay

Know What to Say to Debt Collectors

Never Get Taken Advantage of Again

Not Destroy Your Credit

Prevent This Situation From Happening to You Again

Feel Confident and Clear About Money Decisions

Find Balance Between Living For Today and Saving For The Future

Find Peace In Your Finances

A Simple Plan That Makes it Easy For You To Get Results:

Break the Debt Cycle  I Reclaim Your Life


Our process allows you to reset on what's important, keeping you and your family a priority.

The cornerstone to building wealth and achieving sustainable results is a strong, passionate Why.

Gain Control

Using our Crisis Budget system you'll not only protect what's important to you while making sure the most important bills are paid first

Build sustainable habits and behaviors by injecting customized tools, education and accountability. 

Set a Plan

You'll have a step-by-step, easy to follow, long-term plan for success.

Move forward confidently knowing that decisions you make are in alignment with what's important.


Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result.

Ongoing coaching provides a healthy push so you will maintain and increase your momentum.

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Imagine If

You Could...

Gain Control Of Your Finances

Have Peace Knowing You’ll Not Only Survive, but Will Thrive

Have a Spending Plan That Is Aligned With Your Beliefs, Isn’t Restrictive and Helps You Accomplish Your Goals

No Longer Live Under A Blanket of Stress, Shame, or Fear of The Future

Go On Vacation Knowing It’s Paid For...Allowing You To Fully Relax and Re-energize

Make Purchases Without Guilt or Judgement

Live For The Experiences of Today While Securing Your Financial Future

A Proven Coaching Program

Program Results

  • Peace Within 30 Days*
  • Improved Relationships
  • $600+ Per Month Average Cash Flow Improvement
  • Emergency Fund Within 45 Days


  • The Debt Triage Course with step-by-step videos and downloadable workbook
  • Wallet Warriors: A private Facebook group where I answer your questions confidentially
  • Group coaching opportunities
  • 1:1 Coaching opportunities
  • Forms, guides, resources & support materials
  • A network of experts

Expert-led Training

  • $147,180,000 in client debt reduction by Accountable Coaches
  • Over 50,000 clients served by the Accountable Coaches team
  • Extensive 1:1 Mentoring
  • Professional Responsibility & Ethics Pledge

A Proven Coaching Program

Program Results*

Typical Outcomes
  • Peace within 30 days reported by 90%
  • Improved Relationships reported by 85%
  • $600+ per month average cash flow improvement
  • Emergency Fund within 45 days

Client Resources

You gain access to
  • Proprietary coaching processes and systems
  • Online courses
  • Forms, guides, resources & support materials
  • A network of experts

Industry Leading Training

I've been trained by Coach Connections, LLC, the leading financial coaching organization and am committed to ongoing growth and education
  • 118+ training modules
  • 100+ hours of coursework
  • 46 hours of application
  • Extensive 1:1 mentoring
  • Professional responsibility & ethics training
  • International Financial Coaching Conference
  • Ongoing Training

Success Stories

“As a real estate agent my finances were out of control, I had debt I was paying on but couldn’t seem to gain any traction. My wife and I had goals and plans, it seemed as if we would never get there. When we meet with Dawnette she not only gave us a road map of how to accomplish tackling out debt (both with our business and personal) and saving to buy a house but she gave us hope, peace of mind and certainty that we can have the lifestyle we desire. In the business side she has helped tremendously with my employees and getting them on a plan. Their minds are know at peace and work better and harder for my company.”

Aaron K., Manhattan Beach, CA

“Dawnette had been touching base with me for about a year before we were finally ready to have a coaching session. My wife and I had over spending in every category and we always had a dream of buying a house in the next few years and a lot of onetime expenses coming up. It was causing a ton of stress in our marriage and we wanted to gain control of our money. Since we meet with her in March we have paid off Over $27,000 in debt. Have funded the 2 vacations that we planned, have all our bills paid and all our categories are getting funded as well. My wife and I are beginning to communicate more and more and I feel like we have made a ton of progress in a few short months.”

Gregg & Robin C. Irvine, CA

“We contacted Dawnette because we needed to get insight on some financial decisions that we needed to make in the near future. We are both self employed, which has its pros and cons but it is something we love doing and we enjoy the benefits of. We were doing all the right things with having an emergency fund, keeping our business and personal finances separate, and keeping a monthly budget. She is helping guide and talking us through this time in our lives were we need to make some very big decisions. She has also helped us to really think and talk about what we want to do with the rest of our lives, where we want to live and what is best of our family. It is really great to have an outside voice to take a look without judgment or emotional ties and give good sound guidance.”

Patty & Bob K., Torrence, CA

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I'm Your Biggest Champion

I too fell for the all mighty ‘debt score.’ But even my 810 credit score couldn't save me from bankruptcy after a theft on my small business. After inadequate insurance failed to make me whole again, I ‘downsized’ and moved 5x in a year. I lived in a 27 foot Jayco camper trailer for over a year. And I know what it takes to come back from all that, and rebuild my business and my life.

"Hi, I'm Kyra Jones, and I was a debtor. I was also a debt collector. And for over a decade I called people to collect on almost every type of debt there is. In 2014 I turned a passion project into a small business and built up my credit score from a 535 to an 810 in the process. But in 2017 after a theft of nearly all my business equipment, that 810 credit score couldn't save me from bankruptcy. I moved 5x in 15 months, I lived in a camper trailer for over a year, and even with all my debt collection experience still ended up filing bankruptcy. I don't want to see anyone go through what I went through; losing a home or a business, or file bankruptcy.

I've been on both sides of the debt collection phone calls, and I know all too well the stress that comes from a financial crisis, and what it takes to rebuild from one. Today I empower people facing financial crisis with the tools and habits to transform their crisis into financial success. That's why I created Financial Intervention Academy and why I can't wait to share with you my first course, the Debt Triage. 

I'm shedding some much needed light on the debt collection process. Explaining the phases of collections, negotiating payment arrangements and settlements, and equipping people with the knowledge so they never face financial crisis again. So if you want to be one of the first people to beta test my course and finally make progress to eliminate debt from your life, then hop on the waitlist to be the first to know when the course will be released. Most of the time it takes one step in the right direction to trigger a transformation. Get on the waitlist today for the Debt Triage and I can't wait to share it with you soon. Take care friends"

A member of Accountable Network

I'm a member of the Accountable Network, an industry leader since 2009.

This network provides access to a team of the best financial coaches in the world which gives me an endless resource of knowledge and expertise to help navigate anything you can throw at me.

Once you've completed The Debt Triage and have moved from crisis, you can plug into advanced wealth building using the proprietary tools and resources available through the Accountable Network.  It will allow you to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic wealth building that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

Accountable Network

I am a member of the Accountable Network. This network provides access to a team of the best financial coaches in the world which gives me an endless resource of knowledge and expertise to help navigate anything you can throw at me.
Using the proprietary tools and resources available through the Accountable Network allows my clients to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic coaching that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

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Learn how to destroy your debt fast, from a former debt collector.

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