Financial Wellness Program

In-Person Workshop Series & Private Consultation

  • Once a week for 4 Weeks
  • 90 minutes per session
  • Starts February 8th

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Hi, I'm Wendy Healy

Join me for a four week workshop

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This four workshop series includes these topics and more...

Aligning Your Money & Values

It's easy to lose focus on what’s important, get ‘stuck’, or fall into a rut without even knowing it. This workshop will help you refocus, balance life’s priorities, and help you become and remain happy throughout life.

You will start the process of Creating a Personal Wealth Definition and Developing a strong, emotional Why.

Budgeting & Planning for Emergencies

Discover why and how a spending plan gets you where you want to go. You'll also take a look at how to set yourselves up for success when the next financial hit comes.

Rather than regretting what happened or focusing on the past, this workshop allows you to look ahead and be proactive with your next steps.

Tackling Debt

Debt is stressful, causes anxiety, fear, guilt and regret. And Debt is a way of life for most people.

It's part of our culture and even if you aren't personally under water, 7 out of every 10 people you know likely are. No one really talks about what it is or what it does to your future.

It's time we started talking.

Question & Answer

Money is an emotional and intimate topic when you start digging into it. Many people avoid conversations about it and even fewer are willing to answer important questions to help you understand it.

Get your questions answered by expert Jenny Reichley as she helps you not just implement the information you learned but shares tips on how you can take things to the next level.

Don't miss this opportunity to join others in your community who want to be better stewards.

For 4 weeks, you will learn together in a dynamic, fun and informative workshop environment that includes:

  • workbooks and support materials
  • an online learning library of tools and videos
  • help aligning your money with your values and priorities
  • a private consultation for anyone who wants to take advantage of this opportunity
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Become a great steward of Gods resources!

Relieve Financial Fears

healthy financial foundations empower you to make wise decisions based on what is really important

Take Action

using these proven tools and techniques for managing money results in sustainable positive change

Make A Difference

financial freedom lets you make a transformational impact on people and situations that matter to you

You'll learn ...

What Really Matters

identify your beliefs, relationships, priorities, and the values you want to drive your money decisions

Wise Decision Making

discover how to intentionally plan your spending so your money is in alignment with your values and priorities

How to Communicate

learn how to talk about money so talking about hopes, dreams, fears, and solutions is much easier

Financial Truths

understand the Biblical principles for money that build healthy foundations for greater success

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I am part of the Accountable Network

The Accountable Network, an industry leader since 2009, brings together the top coaches trained by Coach Connections, LLC to collaborate and serve people like you.

You benefit from this large team of the best financial coaches in the world because they are a key resource of knowledge and expertise for me to use when navigating any situation you are in.

Using the proprietary tools and resources available through the Accountable Network will allow you to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic biblical-based stewardship that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

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