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Dave Jacobson has helped thousands of individuals find financial peace through corporate financial wellness programs and personal coaching. He founded his private coaching business, Financial Fitness, in 2009 and was one of only five coaches nationally recognized for his personal money management expertise by The Lampo Group.  In 2009 he also founded Coach Connections, LLC, an invitation only mastermind group for money coaches which is now part of Accountable.Network.  In 2013, Dave co-founded My Money Wellness, LLC, a financial wellness program that educates employees to improve their productivity, work-life balance, relationships and overall financial well-being.

Areas of Focus


Corporate Financial Wellness, Personal Financial Coaching, Financial Coach Training, Workshops, Speaking, Webinars, Online Education

Clients Say

“ I shouldn't have waited! Dave helped us learn to budget and save, which would have helped us reach our goals sooner.”


“He listened. He cared.”

An Introduction from Dave


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When you work with Dave, you get:

One-on One Coaching

We meet once a week to discuss your particular goals and establish a plan of action.

On Your Time

I know you're busy. That's why we find times to meet that work with your schedule.

Self-Guided Online Tools

I have developed an extensive library of online tools for you to walk through at your own pace.

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