Hi, I'm Jennie Wilson

I offer financial wellness seminars and coaching for businesses and their employees.


Why Financial Wellness?

Offering financial wellness programs to your employees gives you an opportunity to positively impact your employees’ lives while improving your bottom line.

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The truth is...

Financial stress is affecting your employees, and the stress doesn’t go away when they come to work. You can help them be more effective at home and at work by providing a solid financial wellness program.

My Financial Wellness Program lets you:

Have a Positive Impact

The best employers to work for are those that genuinely care about their employees beyond the workplace. Make a positive impact by providing the education and support they need to gain control of their finances.

Leave it to Me

Most business owners don't have extra time to implement a financial wellness program while running a successful business. You can spend your time doing what you do best & trust me to do what I do best.

Customize to the Individual

Your employees deserve more than a generic budgeting program.  I provide a custom package of group, 1-on-1, in-person and web coaching as well as online tools & courses to match their financial situation.

Imagine if...

You had a customized program that could help every one of your employees.

You walked into the break room and heard how great things were going for your employees.

You had increased participation in your company’s retirement program.

Each of your employees had the tools to achieve financial stability.

Recruitment were easy because your company had a reputation for caring for employees.

Let’s get started!

We begin with a free, one-on-one Wellness Design Consultation. I'll ask questions to learn more about your objectives, business and employees. During the call, I will provide recommendations on actions you can take now to begin providing peace to your employees. After the call you'll receive a detailed proposal that can include private and/or group coaching, online tools & courses, speaking & workshops, and more depending on your needs.

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Employers Say

Jenny Waltman

“Lamar Mayton is a financial coach who cares about his clients. "Cares" can sound generic, but Lamar is genuine, patient, a strong listener and validating. We have all made many mistakes with our finances, but when I observe him leading a course, he never makes anyone feel less than or dumb for errors they have made along life's way. He understands. Looking for someone who cares? Lamar really does!”

Employees Say

Survey Results from 10,000+ Participants
  • 100% would recommend to co-workers, friends and relatives 
  • 99% said they will take action on what they learned
  • 99% received significant value from the program

Results Say

Actual Coaching Outcomes
  • $147,180,000 total debt reduction among participants
  • 85% report stronger marriages
  • 90% report financial peace in 30 Days
  • $600+/Month Cash Flow Improvement per participant
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About Me

Lamar was born and raised in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama area. He married his best friend Michele and together they have a beautiful daughter Riley Grace.

Over the years Lamar has gained a passion for helping others stay out of the situation they were in many years ago.

Lamar often gets asked, “Why did I start Coaching?” This is what he says: “I have been there! My wife and I found ourselves in a big financial mess over 10 years ago with lots of debt and not enough money to pay all the bills. Luckily, we were able to find a plan that worked for us and we cleaned it up after about 4 years of hard work and selling some things that we cherished. I do not want anyone else to EVER be in that situation, so that’s why I chose coaching. Telling my story could help someone avoid the struggles we went through.”

Accountable Network

I am proud to have access to the Accountable Network of financial wellness coaches. What this means for you is that I am up-to-date with the shared knowledge of this wide network of coaching professionals and am using proven methodology that has been applied to companies and individuals across the country.

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I'm a Business Owner too.

As a fellow small business owner, I understand the vast amount of work it takes to run a successful business. There are many facets, some of which you are very comfortable and well equipped to handle, while others are not a strength area for you.

Many of us have also experienced being “just” an employee, a very small cog on a very large wheel. We have felt invisible and undervalued. Having lived in both roles, owner and employee, we want to help other small business owners have the opportunity to ensure their employees know their worth, both to the business and personally to you. Let me help you create a win - win by providing you with the ability to offer a high quality, meaningful, and impactful financial wellness program.

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Let me do the work and let you look like a rockstar employer. I will guide you to designing a program that has a huge impact and is versatile enough to adapt to your unique business, wellness goals and budget.

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